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Picnic Shelter Rules & Regulations

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  • Have permit with you in the event of any discussion regarding this reservation.
  • Use of alcoholic beverages is restricted to shelters and forbidden to those under the legal permitted age.
  • Gambling, drunkenness, disorderly or indecent conduct and profane language are prohibited.
  • Loud or excessive noise from the use of radios, CD players or other electronic amplification is prohibited.
  • All decorations MUST be taped.  NO nails, staples, tacks etc., may be driven into park property including structures, fences, fountains, benches or trees.  Park property may not be injured or defaced in any way.
  • NO person shall throw or deposit litter except in the public receptacles.  All trash and garbage must be placed securely in heavy-duty plastic garbage bags.  The bags are to be placed in the containers provided.  (If containers are full, place securely tied bags beside trash cans.)  Please be sure to bring an adequate supply of heavy-duty bags.
  • No parking of vehicles in grass areas.
  • Failure to comply with the picnic shelter rules and regulations will result in withholding of refund.